Locomotive Driver - TLI42613 Certificate IV in Train Driving



The Drivers course is conducted over ten days off the job, to present and discuss the skills and knowledge requirements of Locomotive Drivers driving trains within the NSW Rail Networks, which must be followed by on the job training with an accredited Rail Operator. Course content is based on the required RailSafe Rules and Procedures applicable to train driving and the nationally endorsed Transport & Logistics Industry Training ( TLI) Training Package

Off the job course content is presented in twenty one modules in our air conditioned premises Chullora, with practical sessions conducted in safe rail sidings nearby. The course trainer presents and discusses the operation, maintenance and trouble shooting of locomotive power and air brake systems. Locomotive start up, operation, shut down and stabling procedures are covered in the practical sessions during the ten days to simulate workplace situations.

The off the job modules can be conducted at other locations by agreement with clients where required. On the job practical modules are delivered by the rail company’s own trainers as the learner undertakes work activities under instruction until they become proficient enough to drive the trains independently and competently at which point the Rail Operator will issue a Locomotive Driver’s Certificate of Competence.

Duties and responsibilities of Main Line Locomotive Drivers
Locomotive drivers are responsible for ensuring the fitness and integrity of the train, and managing the train according with directions from Network Control, signals, signs, and handsignallers taking whilist taking into account the condition of the track, workers in the rail corridor, pedestrians and other movements of equipment, rail or road traffic on or around the lines

A precondition of undertaking the Locomotive Driver course is that the applicant must:

  • be employed as a qualified Locomotive Driver’s Assistant and demonstrated competence in all facets of the second crew member’s duties and required knowledge, and
  • be currently qualified in All Systems Safeworking or Safeworking systems relevant to the Rail Operators routes.

Maintenance Drivers working within private sidings undertake training and assessments for limited movements within these facilities. National competencies are issued on sucessfully completing assessments.

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